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It’s with great pleasure that we welcome you to DECER’s new website.

Our website is easy to access and user friendly. Here you will find all the essential information about our company and our products.

“Tradition, Modernization and Innovation in every detail!” This has been DECER’s motto for more than 20 years. A commitment that we intend to continue accomplishing with our customers.

We are proud of the work done over these two decades, with focus on the design and commitment to quality. This is the distinctive mark of each of the products developed by DECER.

We are continuously concerned not only with improving the quality of the processes and materials, the use of innovative technologies and new products design, but also with seeking the most recent trends so that we can present our customers with several collections in a wide range of colors, shapes and finishes.

DECER has only one purpose – to satisfy every customer with differentiated and high quality products.