Tradition, Modernization and Innovation in every detail!

DECER is an Industrial company producing decorative ceramic parts, with focus on the manufacture of terracotta, stoneware and earthenware pots.

Located in the North region of Portugal, in the city of Barcelos, the home of many ceramic producers, DECER has more than two decades of experience. The company’s main goal is to meet the needs of its customers through the production of high quality ceramics, with refinement and variety.

 DECER’s attention to design and commitment to quality is the distinctive mark of each of its products. Therefore, DECER seeks the latest trends and innovations in each detail so that it can present several collections, in a wide palette of colors, formats and finishes.

It is this continuous commitment to improving the quality of processes and materials, technological innovation and the design of new products that makes DECER a distinct company in the market.

Focused on keeping up with market demands, trends and the specific needs of each customer, DECER’s team is ready to respond and present solutions to its clients, even in the most demanding situations. We have only one goal: to provide our customers high quality and differentiated products.

Exclusive design

Focused on the trends DECER is permanently developing new collections, guaranteeing total exclusivity of the product to customers who wish so.

The constant investment in new technologies and the continuous training of its team enables DECER to become a strong business partner, providing a service directed to the real needs of the retail distribution markets and, therefore, to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of the final costumers.


DECER is mainly an export company and is already a reference in some European markets (Holland, Belgium and Germany). It is now focused on expanding worldwide.

Environmental responsibility

DECER strives to continuously improve its products, manufacturing processes and working methods always with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of its activity.


DECER’s mission is to meet the needs of its customers through the production of ceramic pieces with quality, refinement and variety, giving priority to costumer service and timely delivery of its orders, as well as experimenting with new materials that allow to create pieces with even more quality, strength and durability.


 “We distinguish ourselves by the quality of the products and the total satisfaction of our customers.”


 Quality: Provide high quality products.
Innovation: Explore new ideas and ways to anticipate the needs of an ever-changing market.
Dignity/ Deadline accomplishments: Meet customer’s needs with timely response.
Honesty: Promote action based on a responsible, ethical and moral behavior.
DECER – Decor & Ceramic
Tradition, Modernization and Innovation in every detail!
At DECER you will find a wide range of decorative ceramic pieces that follow the latest trends in the market.
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